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参考新闻网9月6日报道 从暴雨、洪灾,再到干旱、山火,近年来极端天气事宜全球频发。天气转变对地球负面影响加剧,我《wo》们正在离地球天气临界点越来越近吗?这是否意味着人类终将面临如影戏《后天》描绘的天“tian”气灾〖zai〗难?

天气临界点,英文为climate tipping points。韦氏词典对“tipping point”的注释是:The critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place,即在某一情形、历程(cheng)或系统中的临界点,一旦越过该点,就会发生重大‘da’且经常无法住手的影响或转变。

这里tipping是“倾斜的”意思。这样一幅画面或允许以辅助我们明白:你正在逐步倾斜一只水杯,跨 kua[越了某一特定角度,水杯里的水会所有流出,“覆水难收”。现在,人类流动正加剧天气转变,水杯离倾倒越来越近。

天气临界点(climate tipping point)最早由团结【jie】国 *** 间天气转变专门委员“yuan”会(IPCC)提出,其官方界说是:“对于天气系统而言,指全球或区域天气从一种稳固状态到另外一种稳固状态的要害门槛。”(For the climate system, it refers to a critical threshold when global or regional climate changes from one stable state to another stable state.)

参考新闻网9月6日报道 法新社最近有一篇报道,问题是:Could bats hold the secret to healthy ageing?康健老(lao)化的窍门可能在蝙蝠身上?文章说,根据自然规则, *** all things live fast and die young(小器械生命短),由于新陈代谢快;蝙蝠则是破例,their health span is much longer(它们保持康健时间长许多)。蝙蝠不仅活良久,而且到老也很康健,体内携带种种病毒却不生病,值得好好研究。

Live fast, die young怎么翻译?要害在fast。首“shou”先它在这儿是个形容词,示意性子、特征,意思是done quicky,活得很快,短时间把“活”这个义务完成了。这和庄子说的“夏虫不能以语冰”不是一个看法《fa》,夏虫活不到冬天,不会明了冰是什么器械,这只是单纯的时间短。Live fast则否则,活得短,但内容不少,该履历的都履历了。在《麦克米伦高阶英语词典》里,fast有一个注释就是exciting with a lot of different things happening in a short time(短时间内发生许多事,令人激动)。《英汉大词典》也显示,fast指追求 *** 的生涯『ya』方式,放肆。以{yi}是,Live fast,die young译成“快活早死”甚至“过把瘾就死”都是适当的。


I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm gonna try to celebrate myself and my accomplishments more, I think we all should. You got up in the morning and didn't procrastinate on something?Champion. Figured something out at work that's been bugging you for a while?Absolute legend. Your life is your own and you shouldn't value yourself on other people's standards.”




Welcome to the Covid-Free Office


Kate Connolly 凯特康诺利

ot so long ago it may have seemed more like a futuristic vision of the workplace – or a hospital.

But the hands-free door handles, self-cleaning surfaces, antimicrobial paint, air-monitoring display tools, UV light disinfection robots, and 135 other measures at an office block in Bucharest are here to stay, say the creators behind what they are touting as one of the world's most virus-resilient workplaces, which they hope will become the new normal in office design.

Entering H3, a five-storey building in a western neighbourhood of the Romanian capital, is like learning the steps to a new dance. A flick of the wrist opens the door, and a red line marks the spot at which to stand from where a thermal body camera 2 metres away scans arrivals for signs of fever. Those who are “green-lighted” can follow the tracks to the self-clean lift, step on one of two foot pads and be transported through the building, safe in the knowledge that a UV lighting disinfection system installed in the ventilation shafts is keeping them infection-free between floors.

Anyone whose head flashes red on the screen, however, is whisked away by a plastic-gloved “immune steward” into a nearby quarantine room: a glass box with a panic button and its own internal ventilation system shut off from the rest of the building. A “Viruskiller” apparatus on the wall, boasting three levels of fan strength, promises to remove anything nasty such as pollutants, mould or spores that may be infecting the air, with back up provided by a sanitising UV light on the wall.

At night, a 1.2 metre tall robot traverses the building, using UV light to disinfect and eliminate pathogens. During the day, hydrogen peroxide ions are emitted from strategic points in the ventilation system: transparent panels have been fitted in the ceiling so that the mechani *** can be seen.

The publicly available standard, trademarked Immune, has already been applied to several buildings in the UK. Its developers include the leading Romanian property company Genesis, also the H3 landlord, and the project has cost about € 1m.

Ultimately, is this anything more than what has been referred to as “hygiene theatre”? There is a question as to whether investing millions of euros to refit a building is worth it, given that the spread of coronavirus partly relies on human behaviour. But Tudor argues that this is far more than theatrics. He frames his concept of a “healthy building” as the next logical step in the history of adapting architecture to dangers.



I don't know how it's all going to play out in the end. My prayer is that somehow or another, an angel passes over and these kids are allowed to grow and mature without finding themselves in a hospital on a ventilator.”


——美国佛罗里达州住民盖尔杰克逊异常忧郁她12岁的孙子扎凯可能会在学校熏染新冠病毒,扎凯所在的学校不强制执行 xing[口罩令。(何娟编译)

参考新闻网9月6日报道 美国前国务卿蓬佩奥9月6日转发关于 *** 19架次军机进入台西南空域的报道,同时配文呐喊称“美国必须永远与台湾站在一「yi」起(The United States must always stand with Taiwan),为自由而战。”

  对于蓬佩奥此番言论,有网友反问称:“另一个阿富汗?”(Another Agfanistan?)另有网友指出:“就像你在阿富汗支持自由一样。看看阿富汗发生了什么?”

  据台湾《自由(you)时报》报道,台湾防务部门5日宣布新闻称, *** 5日派19架次军机进入台湾西南空域。(张越)



外文全称:Murat Bektanov



外文全称:Alar Karis


靠山先容:爱沙尼亚议会8月31日举行总统选举稀奇 *** ,阿拉尔卡里斯在第二轮投票中当选该〖gai〗国总统。现年63岁的卡里斯生于塔尔图,是一名分子遗传学家和生物学家,曾任塔尔图大学校长和爱沙尼亚审计长等职。

外文全称:Nurlan Yermekbayev



外文全称:Moulavi Haibatullah Akhunzada


靠山先容:阿富汗 *** 8月29日对外宣称,其最高向导人穆拉维海巴图拉{la}阿洪扎达现在栖身在坎大哈,不久将公然《ran》现身。阿洪扎达1961年出生在坎大哈,是一名宗教学者,于2016年成为 *** 最高向导人。

参考新闻网8月31日报道 当地〖di〗时间8月31日,美国防部在推特上宣布了最后一位脱离阿富汗的美军士兵照片,并配文称:“最后一名脱离阿富汗的美国士兵:克里斯多纳休少将,美军空降军队指挥官,于2021年8月30日登上一架C-17运输机,竣事了美国在喀布尔的义务。”(The last American soldier to leave Afghanistan: Maj. Gen. Chris Donahue, commanding general of the @82ndABNDiv, @18airbornecorps boards an @usairforce C-17 on August 30th, 2021, ending the U.S. mission in Kabul.)


参考新闻网8月30日报道 Many parents have been in close quarters with their kids for the past year and a half. Now, as students across the country prepare to return to school full time in person, many parents of elementary- and middle-school students are wondering if they should send their kids off with a phone.

“What we know is that there is not a magic age for when to get a child a *** artphone, but by age 11, 53% of kids have their own *** artphone,” said Kelly Mendoza, a vice president at Common Sense Media, a nonprofit group focused on responsible media use. (The figure comes from a 2019 survey the organization conducted of more than 1,600 people between the ages of 8 and 18 in the U.S.) “Sixth grade is a big transition for kids, when they start middle school and start to have more independence,” she said.

Even though middle school is a turning point for many parents in making the leap, Ms. Mendoza said age isn't as important as a child's maturity. She said parents can assess their children's phone readiness by asking themselves the following questions: Do they show a sense of responsibility, such as getting their homework done on time? Are they responsible for their things—do they tend to lose or damage personal items?Do they already keep other devices, such as tablets,charged? Would they be able to resist texting or scrolling in class?

It is also wise to assess whether there are legitimate needs for children to have a *** artphone, such as being able to communicate while taking public transportation, or being reminded to take medication.

Many kids start asking for a phone once their friends have one. The requests can start as early as elementary school, but the peer pressure heats up in middle school, according to digital-media experts and parents.

Understanding your children's motivation can help you decide. Do they just want one because they want to fit in? Are they being excluded from social interactions, such as group texts? Sometimes the pressure can even come from school clubs and sports teams. A coach might require students to check Facebook for sche *** ng updates.

Once you've decided to give your child a phone, the next question is what type. We generally recommend giving your kid a phone that runs on the same operating system as yours.

Deciding on the right phone for your children isn't the final step. Before they power it up for the first time, experts say you should talk to them about your expectations for its use, and the consequences for losing or damaging the phone or for violating the rules.

Ground rules include when and where the phone should be used, where it should charge up at night (hint: probably not in their bedroom), how to treat others on social media and how to report cyberbullying.  

这一年半以来,许 xu[多怙恃一直与孩子旦夕相处。现在,天下的学生都准备返校上全天的线下课,许多中小学生的家长思忖着是否该让孩子带着手机上学。

参考新闻网8月30日报道 Any time I get a negative review, I remind myself there are people out there who don't like cheese, so there's no accounting for taste. It honestly helps. Having said that, I no longer read Amazon reviews because I was sick of being compared unfavourably with a five-star set of vacuum cleaner bags.”


——英国小说家、记者和主播伊丽莎白戴已完成六本著作,她受访时谈到若 ruo[何看待自己的书在‘zai’亚马逊上的差评。(张伊宇编译)


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